Monday, March 28, 2011

Best Weekend Ever!

Last weekend was mine and Jared's Anniversary. We had some things already going on last weekend so we celebrated it this weekend. Jared planned it and made all the reservations and he did amazing!

First we went to my friends Spa in Salt Lake (Xscape) for massages. SOOOOOOOO Relaxing!Then we went to lunch at a little Deli that a friend had recommended that was really fun and different. After that we went and checked in at the Grand America Hotel. Then we went shopping at the Gateway. It was cold but really fun. We went to dinner and then to Wiseguys comedy club. We slept in and then went to the brunch at Grand America. Which is totally amazing! Such yummy good food. Then before we came home we walked through the courtyard because it is so pretty. Of course I forgot my camera so the only 2 pictures I have are from my cell phone. Oh well at least I remembered to take some at all.

Thanks so much Jared! It was a great weekend and so much fun. I am so lucky to have such an amazing husband.