Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Baby!!!!

So I thought that I would finally introduce you all to our new baby...

He is big, hairy, and slobbery! But he is the sweetest DOG ever! I am so in love with him. He was supposed to be Jared's new baby(can't you totally tell that Jared picked him out) but I am so in love with him.

And actually he is better than any home alarm system we could have gotten! His bark alone will scare anyone and his growl kind of sounds like a bear. If he would not have already been named Mack I would have totally gone for the name Bear.

Mack and Jared's brother Matt's dog Murphy. Murphy is a miniature Schnauzer and Mack is an French Mastiff.

So I just thought that this was really funny! He actually was asleep like this. And he snores really loud. Now you all know why him and Jared get along so well. I swear this is the exact position Jared sleeps in too!

Just so you can see how big Mack is...this is our friends Great Dane Mercedes.

He gets a little excited with other big dogs.