Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is a whole new phase of parenting!

So on Tuesday night we had pack meeting at the church for scouts. Jaxson stayed after pack meeting with some friends to play basketball. Apparently Jaxson and one of his friends from our neighborhood (actually they just live a couple of houses away from us) got in a fist fight...
So the story that I got from Jaxson is that they were playing and he was playing tough D (ha ha I liked this part of the story) He is so into basketball right now. He blocked the shot and the other kid got mad and punched him in the stomach so Jaxson said that he got mad and starting punching the other kid back. Ya I said punching. I am not sure how many times he punched but I do know it was more than one. Then he got mad and walked home from the church.
So I have to say that in a way I am proud of my Jaxson. He has always been my timid meek little man who would not stick up for himself. Jared has been trying to get a little competitiveness and aggression out of him. I know that fighting is not ever good but I was glad that he stuck up for himself. I have always told him that if he does not start it and he is sticking up for himself, his brother, or his sister that he will not ever be in trouble for fighting back.
So then the next day at school I told him that if he wanted to try and talk to his friend he should. I told him that he did not have to take the blame for it if he did not start it but that he should apologize for his part in it too. He did try and talk to his friend which did not go so well (maybe it was to soon) but that is ok. And Jaxson said that it is ok too. He said that he felt better about it after he tried to apologize. Then he held his own when they were all playing football at recess and the kids told him to leave and Jaxson said no. He was playing football and having fun and did not want to leave.
I can not tell you how proud I was of him that he held his own.
So I have been worried about this since Tuesday because I want them to be friends. I hate confrontation. I am a girl and Jaxson is my oldest so this is all new to me. But I am staying out of it and decided that they will have to take care of it on their own. But I am a little worried about this new stage we are moving into and I heard that it only gets worse from here. I am so excited! HA HA!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010