Thursday, September 16, 2010

My month in a quick glance

Do you ever look at the small things in life and feel very grateful for them? My husband has had a little bit of a rough month. A couple of weeks ago he got in a car accident and totalled our Tahoe. Luckily it was not his fault and no one was hurt, but after seeing the car he is lucky that he was not hurt. A girl hit him on his drivers side door and it pushed him head first into a big light pole. He usually is not driving the Tahoe. He drives the Audi to and from work and we just happened to switch cars that day because I had to go to Spanish Fork. I think that if he had been in the littler car it could have been much worse. Very grateful we switched cars that day.

Then last week Jared had surgery on his shoulder to fix a football injury he got back in April. Jared does not wake up well from surgery. He was the same way with his knee surgery. He is very sick after and they have a hard time getting him to wake back up. So we were at the hospital from 7:30am to 7:00pm that night. LONG DAY!!!!!!

Since then he has been home and I totally adore him but I can not wait for him to be better and go back to work. HA HA! It is his right arm and it is hard for him to do a lot of things. It is like having a really big 4th kid.
So I am officially 7 months and counting. I am sooooo ready to be done. I am still looking for cute girl names if you anyone has any fun ideas.

It has been a really busy month. I have everyone of my kids in sports right now. Payton is on a cute little soccer team. They are so darling. Jaxson is playing tackle football and is having so much fun. I am surprised how much he likes it. He loves his team and his coach. Izak is playing on a super league baseball team down in Spanish Fork. (don't know what I was thinking cause it is so far to get him to practices and games) But he is loving it too. He thinks he is such a major leaguer. And Izak should be starting flag football soon. I love watching my kids play sports...honestly there is nothing else that I would rather be doing.

In between all of that Jared is still in the middle of coaching at Lone Peak High School. He is having fun there and loves the boys. It takes a lot of time but he loves it. I have a small understanding of what a single mom must go through and do not know how they do it.