Monday, July 20, 2009

Another Day Another Lake!

It seems like this summer we are spending a lot of time at the lake. We have a had a very fun summer. This one is at Deer Creek which is such a beautiful lake. On the way driving up the canyon Payton said "guys look at those beautiful mountains" She is always the one to notice the little things. I am so bad at wakeboarding but I am getting better. My boys are a little scared too but they are getting more daring. Payton is just happy to swim in the lake. And i Jared is just like a little kid on Christmas morning when we are at the lake. There is no where else he would rather be! We are very lucky to be able to do so many fun things!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What could be better than a day at the lake????

Monday, July 13, 2009


So over the weekend we had a girls weekend...and went to Phoenix to see Wicked! It was so so so so so HOT there. There were having record heat when we were there.
Here we are just getting ready to go in and get our seats. Sherry who is standing next to me is the funniest person ever and we had so much fun together. We joked all weekend that the next trip we are going to Vegas to see the Thunder Down Under...and I am a little nervous that she might actually be serious! (Ha Ha)

Sometimes before the entertainment starts you need to find a way to entertain yourself.

This is me and my cute niece Aleia.

My sister Amy (Aleia's mom) and Aleia

Me, my Mom, and my sister Amy at this Mexican Cantina that was so fun and so so good. I am not a big Mexican food fan but I definitely want to go back here. We had these burritos that were amazing!
I love girls weekend. One of the best parts was just sleeping in and only worrying about myself. I adore my kids and hubby but every once in a while it is such a good break to get some alone time where no one is asking for anything. You don't have to worry if someone is fed, dressed, brushed their teeth, or wandering off somewhere. At the pool I got to lay out (which never happens anymore) I read a book and slept past 7.
The play was so good. This was our second time seeing it. We went to Phoenix last year and saw it. It is one of my favorites! I have to say that the cast the first time we say it was a little better but it was still GREAT!