Monday, August 9, 2010

Sports Widow

My husband has kept everything he ever had from playing football. So when Jaxson needed a jersey to wear over his pads for practices, Jared was more than thrilled to bring out his old Colts jersey from his little league days. I adore how much Jared loves this sport. He did not want Jaxson to play until 7th grade but you should see how excited he gets about it. I hope that Jaxson learns to love the sport just like his Dad!

So I know that I am not the only wife who becomes a widow at this time of the year...Football Season has officially started and I can not remember what my husband looks like already. Ha Ha! I said sports widow because it is not just limited to football at my house. Every season there is something going on and some sport that Jared is playing and coaching. In July baseball finally ended where Jared was coaching both my boys teams. So he would end up either having practice or a game every day of the week. Thank goodness we live in Utah and at least had Sundays off. During the baseball season is also when Jared's semi-pro football team plays. Which is good for him because he coaches high school football in the fall. Then this year Jaxson is playing tackle football and Jared is also trying to help coach his team. Like today, he had high school practice this morning before work, then straight from work he is going to Jaxson's practice, then from Jaxson's practice he is going back to the high school for another practice. (That is also with him missing one of the high school practices in the middle of the day today). Poor Jared. I am sure that he is worn out. But he loves it. And I am probably just complaining because today is one of those fun pregnant days that I don't feel very good.