Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3 Months

I can not believe that my baby is 3 months old. It has gone by so fast. I just want her to stay little and she is growing so fast. She is my biggest kid.

In the last 3 months we have just been crazy busy. New Baby, Boys basketball, Jared's basketball, I went back to work, back to teaching, had a kidney stone for the very first time in my life (hope to never have one again), kids had strep, baby blessing, Jax had a birthday, Happy 11th buddy!!! Valentines Day (which my husband did so good on...I got to go get an amazing facial and re-connect with one of my best friends from high school), Had the kids dentist appointment from HEdouble. Apparently two boys have major issues with teeth and Payton has 2 cavities, Baby had a major blowout while we were there. Next Monday they will be pulling out 6 of Jax's teeth all at once and fixing Payton's cavities. It will probably not be a very fun day. And just so I have something to look forward to Ike is missing like 8 permanent teeth. So when he looses the baby teeth there is no tooth that will grow in. I think i am going to have to get a third job just to pay the dentist. Ha Ha! And finally in the next week I have my mom's bday, Payton's bday, and my wedding anniversary. I think I need a vacation!

I have some adorable pictures from the baby blessing and will try to get them on here soon.


Amie said...

Oh boy. Sounds like fun. haha I am so sad that we couldn't come to the baby blessing. I want to see that little baby. I hear she is just the cutest.

Loren & Brody said...

That sounds awful, and busy!!! We miss you guys, too. I have a dr. appt in AmFork on the 22nd and think I will be spending the night, so maybe we can grab some dinner or something. Or if I get in early enough we can do lunch. Will let you know! xoxo

Julie said...

Oh my gosh! That is CRAZY about Ike! And I didn't know about your kidney stones! That sucks! Good luck with everything coming up!

Anje said...

Hey Rach! It made me tired to read it all! Your little one is so beautiful - just like her mommy! Hope you are doing well! I think of you often.