Sunday, November 7, 2010

More time...hopefully

Things are going good at my house. I am still the same. I am now 36 weeks.
I am hoping to make it another couple of weeks. Here is why...

First: At the end I start to get a little nervous of what is to come. I am so ready to not be pregnant but I am going to have a huge adjustment having a baby around again.

Second: My husband still has football. Lone Peak is doing so good. They play this Thursday up at the U of U stadium and if they win that game then they will play in the State Championship Game the week after. It is so so exciting and would be so fun if they make it to the Championship game. But it is keeping him busy and with all these tests and going to the hospital Jared has not been able to go with me at all. It would just be easier if I had the baby after the season is over. As long as they don't start me on a Thurs or Friday we should be ok though.

Third: I want my baby to get as big as she can. I always have little ones. Any weight that she can gain is good.

and finally Fourth: I would love to make it past Thanksgiving. We go to Jared's mom's house this year and there are always a million little kids. It would be hard to go with a newborn. I would probably be a nervous wreck the whole time.

So I am still pregnant and still trying to take is easy but it is getting really old. I have to remember that it is all worth it in the end.

Oh and Payton is in a fashion show on Wednesday night up in Salt Lake and she is so excited. I would be sad if I could not go with her. I will post pictures after. SOOOOOOO Cute!